Scavenger Hunt Party!

Start your photo scavenger hunt by choosing one of our premade hunts or join one that has already been created!

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How does it work?

Choose a premade scavenger hunt

Pick from our list of premade scavenger hunts. There are hunts for every location or occasion. Disneyland, camping, holiday lights, and even looking around the airport. Select your scavenger hunt to get started.


Share the scavenger hunt with others so they can join you. Either share the direct link, QR code, or the join code found on the scavenger hunt page for them to play along with you.

Create teams

Create a team for you and your friends to join. Teams can be just for one person or as many as you'd like. Teams allow team members to work on the same scavenger hunt list simultaneously. If one member finds something it will cross it off for everyone else on that team.

Go hunt!

Find the items on the list and take pictures or videos along the way. You can set the scavenger hunt to have a start timer to not let anyone get a head start and an end timer to make sure no one is still searching after a specific time.

View the results

After you're done you can see which team found the most items on the list and which team had the highest score. You can even look at each team's submissions were to enjoy what they found.

Play again

Try all our different premade scavenger hunts. Play with friends nearby or remotely. Play with family, friends, or coworkers. Throw a Scavenger Hunt Party!